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Eyelid & Cosmetic

Woman smiling, about to have blepharoplasty performed on herDo your eyes feel tired, feel droopy, or are irritated? You may think it’s because you’re not getting enough rest, or your eyeglass prescription isn’t quite right, or you have something stuck in your eye.

Instead of surfing the internet trying to match your symptoms with various disorders or diseases, visit Fry Eye Associates for a thorough evaluation, correct diagnosis, and guided exploration of effective treatment options.

Smooth, wrinkle-free skin around the eyes


Eyelid lift surgery, medically known as a blepharoplasty, isn’t simply about vanity. Aging can cause functional problems with the upper eyelids due to loose or sagging skin, which can impair or reduce vision.

Chart showing the stages of blepharoplasty surgery

Surgery can be done on upper or lower lids to improve their appearance, reduce fatty deposits that make the eyelids appear puffy, minimize under-eye bags, and smooth excessively wrinkled, crepe-like skin.

Eliminate droopy eyelids for a more youthful appearance

Ptosis repair

The medical term for a drooping upper eyelid is ptosis. In severe cases where the eyelid droops as far down as the pupil, it can affect one’s ability to see. While some individuals are born with ptosis, it often occurs as we age and the muscles that lift the eyelid — the levators — weaken over time. Ptosis can also develop after an injury, in conjunction with a neurological disorder, or result from a disease like diabetes.

Age-related ptosis is noticeable if you compare photos of yourself over time and see a pronounced change in the position of your eyelids. Ptosis repair can enhance vision by lifting the lids well above the pupils, providing an unobstructed view. Surgery to correct ptosis can also open the eyes, giving patients a more alert, younger appearance.

Permanent solutions for eye pain and irritation

Entropion repair

Entropion, an eye condition that occurs when the eyelid turns inward, causes your eyelashes and skin to rub up against the surface of your eye. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, as if there’s constantly something in your eye that you can’t remove, and the irritation and pain won’t go away.

Left untreated, entropion can scratch and permanently damage the cornea. Entropion typically only affects the lower lid and occurs most often in older adults.

Ectropion repair

The opposite situation, ectropion, is when the lower eyelid turns outward. Ectropion exposes the inside of the lower lid and causes pain, dryness, and irritation in the eye, as the eyelid can no longer distribute tears to the eye to maintain lubrication and moisture. In both situations, surgery to repair the eyelids and correct the condition is necessary.

Lacrimal system repair

The lacrimal system is the scientific term used to describe the organs involved in the production and drainage of tears. When an individual suffers from a lacrimal disorder, they may not be able to produce enough tears to lubricate the eye and maintain its health, or, alternatively, there may be an overproduction of tears.

The most common lacrimal condition is a blocked tear duct, which can lead to eye irritation and/or watery eyes. Symptoms of a blocked tear duct include:

  • Excessive tearing, mucus or pus production, and discharge
  • Crusting of the eyelids
  • Redness in the whites of the eyes
  • Ongoing eye infections and inflammation

While lacrimal conditions can occur at any age, the tiny openings in the eye that drain tears may grow narrower and become blocked as adults grow older. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, consult with us to find out the cause and the best options for lacrimal system repairs.

Improve your appearance with cosmetic enhancements

Fry Eye Associates also provides a range of services that can enhance your appearance. We can administer Botox to improve your appearance, and also for medical reasons such as relief from chronic migraines.

We can also administer Juvederm to plump cheeks and lips, reduce lines and wrinkles, and smooth and fill lips. These injections are long lasting and effective for obtaining beautiful yet natural-looking results.

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