Neurological Conditions

There are a tremendous variety of neurological conditions that impact the eyes and visual pathway. Many can result in serious problems with vision, such as vision loss or double vision, while other conditions can be life-threatening. Appropriate diagnosis is the critical first step toward helping these problems, and the ophthalmologists at Fry Eye Associates can help with this process.

Neurological Condition FAQ

Optic neuropathies are disorders of the optic nerve, which is the nerve that transmits visual information from the eyeball to the brain. Common types of optic neuropathies include optic neuritis, non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy and compressive optic neuropathy (usually caused by a tumor). These disorders can affect people of any age. The most common symptom is sudden vision loss in one eye. You should call and be seen as soon as possible if you experience sudden vision loss as prompt diagnosis and treatment can save vision and even life.

Your visual field refers to everything you can see, including your central vision and peripheral (side) vision. Visual field defects occur when parts of this field are blurry or missing entirely. These can result from many different diseases of the eye, optic nerve or brain. Glaucoma is a very common cause of slowly progressing visual field defects (see section). Other common causes of visual field defects include retinal diseases (see section), stroke, and tumors of the orbit or brain. Early diagnosis and treatment of diseases that cause visual field defects is crucial.

In most cases unexplained vision loss does in fact have an explanation that just hasn’t been discovered yet. Neurological conditions such as stroke or tumor of the brain, optic neuropathies or subtle problems in the retina are often found once rigorous examination and testing are performed with highly-trained ophthalmologists such as those found at Fry Eye Associates. 

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