Uveitis is a condition involving inflammation inside the eye. Uveitis is generally a serious disease that can worsen rapidly, making it important to receive timely and effective treatment to minimize long term eye problems . The physicians at Fry Eye Associates are well trained in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Uveitis FAQ

In most cases, uveitis is due to an autoimmune reaction, which is when a person’s immune system mistakenly attacks a part of their body. For many the exact cause of this reaction is unknown, but other cases are linked to systemic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis or even uncommon infections. Click here to learn more.

Symptoms of uveitis often start suddenly. The most common symptoms include pain, light sensitivity, eye redness, blurred vision and floaters.

Proper treatment for this condition depends first on accurate diagnosis after a thorough eye exam. Anti-inflammatory eyedrops that contain corticosteroids are often effective in controlling the inflammation for many, but others may require stronger anti-inflammatory therapy in the form of systemic medication taken by mouth or local medication injections. In most cases, if the disease is monitored closely and treated effectively then vision and comfort can be preserved. 

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